Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st - Wow, been awhile!

I thought I would come on here and say 'hi' - not my idea, but one I read when I was blog hopping the afternoon!! And found this!!- well, she is doing a challenge to blog everyday........ hmmmmm. So this is why I am here!!
And while I am here, show you what I have done, well, a couple pics anyway.... got my camera back (stole it back!! just for this!!!) and memory is full after 3 pics!! So, here they are:

This brown basket quilt (and I am not a basket fan but LOVE THIS!!!!) was a mystery I did over the summer, just to get me back sewing.... which I tend to not do - bad habit #1.

I am still doing my 20 minutes of sewing a day - totally caught up till hubby came home... guilt I guess.  I don't know.  He LIKES seeing me in there, so I do  not know why, when he's home, I change.......  Bad habit #2....
I do have border ideas for this little guy, and after I read this  I know I have to get a few things done around here!!!   The link takes you to Bonnie Hunters new MYSTERY!!!  She is calling it Orca Bay, and I am going to have to do some shopping for it!!  I have the blues, and some background, but I do not have many reds or blacks so..... what's a girl to do???

(Besides clean up my room I mean!!!!)

And here is another Mystery I am working on - it's all finished now, it was a one-day fun time, but I am only  on Step 4 - and so is my friend who did it with me!! Does not make me feel better though!! She's been busy, I have not!!!! 
 These are the main blks - well, the backgrounds have been cut out of the pic - but this is the main component.  Even though I have printed off the last steps  - I did not peek!!  So, I still don't know what I am doing after I finish this step:

This is the future border of this project.... I think it has to much yellow in it, but if winter ever does come (and it's okay if it doesn't!!!) I might like how happy it looks with all the yellows!!!
So, my main reason for blogging today is - what bad habits do you have that you would like to change??

Me, I have already told you two - and I have more.... and one is not blogging... I love to read, but feel I don't have much to share/show or talk about so, I stay quiet......... This month, I will work on changing that.  Plus, - well, another reason I don't come on here is it takes me FOREVER to write this!!!  I loose my pics, I keep working at getting them to go where I want and.... It's all a learning curve, I am ready to drive!!!

And my worse habit?  Dare I admit it??? It's not like you can't tell, but I hate housework!!!!

So, that is another habit that I will change this month.  Well, I probably will still not like it, but the habit I am talking about is - pretending I don't see it!!    This month, I will see it and I will do something about it!!!!

And then, when I am working on my new mystery (along with my other projects - they will be done as leader and enders!!!) I might enjoy my tidy, organized sewing area even more!!!!  (habit #5?? are we there yet, or passed it???? Well, it's not cleaning up after myself in my room - I just push it aside and move on......)

I have a friend who is going through some tough times and I tell her it's all in the habits we keep.  And when I hear myself tell her that, I know that I am also speaking to myself.  So, it's a new year coming up, and now is a good as time as any to work on making real changes in my life.  If not not now - when???   So, how 'bout now?  My plans are to get myself organized and pick up what I see needs it.  Get things done, not just think about it.  I CAN do it, so I will.

I love to see what people are working on and I should let others see what I do too!!

On a little different note:  here is a piece of Trivia.  I just heard this on the radio yesterday.  I live in Alberta, near Edmonton, and I guess this area has not had a snow free October since 1963.

So, now it's October 2011  - that was a 48 year record that just got broken.  hmmmmmm - has this area ever had a snow free November?????

if when  I stick to my 'new' plan -  I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. good to hear from you Brenda! I plan on writing tomorrow, are you? remember it doesn't have to be
    lengthy or have a ton of pics. I like the KISS principle- Keep It Super Simple

  2. Wow Brenda! Looks like you've gotten yourself on a roll in the sewing room there! Good for you with the new mysteries!!

    Love your baskets!! Wonderful!

    I am sure those yellows will grow on you... 8-)

    I've been starting new projects too, but my PhDs/UFOs/WIPs are still calling out to me... A friend found a new longarm quilter that she is quite pleased with so I am going to get a few more projects DONE soon!!!

    By the way, the link to Bonnie's mystery needs changing, as the one you have there leads to K's "post everyday in November" again...

    Happy stitching!

  3. I LOVE your basket top!! Seeing all browns is gorgeous! No way can I blog everyday~ I spend too much time on the computer as it is. ;-) I need to check out Bonnie's mystery too. :-o